I created the end credit sequence for feature film 'Plastic' using 3D models of diamonds to refract images of the cast. Release date April 30.

Production Company Carse & Waterman
Production Company Creativity Media / Paramount Pictures
Plastic (2014) IMDb

A High Octane Thriller starring Ed Speleers, Alfie Allen, Will Poulter, Sebastian De Souza and Emma Rigby
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High octane thriller PLASTIC tells the story of intelligent and brazen Sam (Ed Speleers), who leads a ring of university students to become credit card thieves in order to augment their income. As their activities become more daring, they accidentally rob a notorious gangster named Marcel (Thomas Kretschmann) and are forced to up their game to pay him back 10 times the amount they stole ... with interest. To pay off the debt, they take their scam on the road to Miami; the city of "high stakes".

After a series of unfortunate mistakes, Sam's team is still short of the cash needed to clear their debt, so they set their sights on a daring jewellery heist that could not only cover their debt but also make them filthy rich. Their plan turns sour, however, when members of the team start betraying each other. Now it's up to Sam to finish the scam he started while turning the tables on Marcel before they all go down.

PLASTIC Trailer.
Directed by Julian Gilbey
Starring Ed Speleers (Downton Abbey), Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones), Will Poulter (We're The Millers), Sebastian De Souza (The Borgias) and Emma Rigby (The Counselor)
Release Date : In UK Cinemas May 2, 2014

PLASTIC Movie Trailer.
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